Basic card counting

Card Counting

If you are looking for a very simple card counting system, without any confusing terms or hard to understand system play then you may be interested in this card counting system.

This will help you possibly gain not only a small net win but will also help you earn casino comps, which whilst in the main are not overly generous they can help you get a little more value from all your Blackjack play.

To utilize the following beginners Strategy you need to fully understand basic strategy, if you don't know the strategy then make sure you learn or at least have a copy of the following Strategy Card and use it in conjunction with the following card counting system.

We should also point out, and you should be aware that different casinos use different rules for their Blackjack games, and we are basing this system on the most common game in which a dealer will always stand on a soft 17, you are allowed to take late surrender, and the re-splitting of aces is allowed, along with a 75% penetration of the deck.

Ok before you begin playing you will have to set yourself a few rules, the first is based on your bankroll and you should determine your base bet, this is the minimum you are going to wager in each game.

Next we go straight into the card counting aspect, obviously you can only start counting once you are playing with a freshly shuffled deck, so don't sit down have way through a shoe and expect this card counting system to work, as it won't!

Your initial count will be zero and everytime a five is dealt then simply add one to your count. If and when an Ace appears then remove one from the count.

All of your betting decisions will be based on the strategy card, so in that sense your won't be baffled with what you have to do on each hand, but make sure you correctly count the cards, which could not be simpler as you are only keeping track of the Aces and Fives in the deck!

Your wager amount is even easier to understand, when the count is zero or less then bet your base bet, if it is not zero or less, then you need to double the base bet and then multiply this by the count.

So if you base bet is $10 and the count is +2 then you will be betting $10x2x2= $40 per hand.

Another word of advice is to set your base bet at a figure that can handle Blackjacks ups and downs, don't over-stretch your bankroll and the above card counting system should have you happily playing for hours.

No card counting system will work at online Blackjack sites, this is due to them shuffling the cards before each new game begins. So don't even think of card counting at an online casino, as you can't!

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