Best Blackjack card counting System

What is the best Blackjack card counting method?

Before you can understand which method is the best, you have to understand how methods are measured. Card counting methods are measured using a few metrics:

  • The first is betting correlation, which is how much betting correlate to the count. This is important in shoe games, and methods like hi-lo have good betting correlation. Most methods have a decent betting correlation though, but this is especially important in shoe games.
  • The second is playing efficiency. This is big in smaller deck games (single/double deck). This is how much it determines variation of plays (indices). Most level 2 counts that are popular (i.e. Hi-Opt II, Zen, etc.) have good playing efficiency.
  • The third is insurance correlation. The name is self-explanatory. It's how much the method determines insurance. I don't personally find this that useful, and the methods I know don't have particularly good correlation, but hi-opt 2 is decent.
A comparison of method can be found @

All of these have their benefits but any argument for any method is moot when you cannot execute it properly. Who cares if you can play Zen count with 4 side counts and all indices when if you are spoken to lose count? It does not matter which counting system is better when you have to focus intently on counting cards and working numbers on the more difficult counts. The best method is the one you can execute being half awake, while maintaining a conversation, and while watching the TV. For me, this is Hi-Lo, but if I'm very awake and pumped I may try Advanced Omega II at some pitch games. I definitely count much slower and my concentration is more easily broken. This is why I never use AO2 in shoe games.

Furthermore, card counting methods all perform terribly if the house rules are terrible. I've said this many times but always stay away from 6:5 tables and keep an eye out for bad rules (H17, Double only 9-11, No DAS, No RSA, No LS).

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