Blackjack dealer cards

Do blackjack dealers count cards?

As a professional advantaged player of over 10 years, I have come across plenty of dealers who knew how to count cards and would moonlight as card counters when they were not at work dealing. I even know people who work in casino surveillance who count cards on the side. You don't have to be an MIT graduate to perform the mental gymnastics required for card counting. You won't use any math that you didn't learn in 3rd grade, to count the cards. That doesn't mean it's easy, but I believe the average blackjack dealer has the mental capacity to pull it off, given enough practice, and many of them do.

With that said, card counting dealers (that are actually good at it) are few and far between and even if they know how to do it, chances are they are not going to be counting while they are dealing, paying bets, adding up people's hands, talking to customers, changing money, calculating payoffs and so on. There's just a lot going on there. I know first hand, from training people how to count cards, that it takes a lot of mental energy to keep the count and perform the duties of the dealer accurately.

The bigger point in all of this is that even if the dealer is counting cards, he cannot use that information to change how he performs his job. He still has to hit until he get's 17. The player doesn't have to, which is one of the reasons why card counting is even possible.

As far as the corruption issue, the most a dealer could do, is tell a pit boss that he sees someone counting cards. Card counting dealers wouldn't typically do something like that because they stand a better chance of you tipping them if you are winning than if you are losing.

It has never been legal to beat someone up for counting cards. If you do get beaten up for counting cards (which very rarely happens) you will most likely win any lawsuit you choose to bring against that casino. This is why casinos don't make a policy of beating people up. At least not since the mob left Vegas.

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