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Casinos on lookout for iPhone card-counting app

Update 4:19 pm: This story has been modified to include reaction from the creator of the card-counting iPhone app.

Since the July 2008, Apple has maintained a sort of moral code-a PG-13-type standard, if you will-surrounding the thousands of iPhone and iPod Touch applications available via the service.

That's why, for example, there are no iPhone porn apps, though it is certainly possible to .

Given that, one would think that Apple wouldn't have given the thumbs-up to an app that, if used in the most logical manner, could get someone arrested, or worse. But with an app called "A Blackjack Card Counter, " that's not, in fact, the case.

'Card Counting Practice, ' from Bacon Bear Productions, is another card-counting app for the iPhone. It offers a disclaimer that, 'This app is for entertainment purposes only. Counting in casinos may be hazardous to your health.' Bacon Bear Productions

In an interview, Stutz said, "It's actually unusual that a (Nevada Gaming Control Board) memo went out. It's kind of interesting that they were forthcoming about this."

To Sayre, of the Gaming Control Board, it would indeed be abnormal to issue a public statement about new cheating technology.

"But this technology is available and can be utilized for appropriate as well as criminal conduct, " Sayre said in an interview, "and because (mobile) phones are of such prevalent use in all walks of society, because this phone can be used in this capacity, I thought that it was appropriate to notify the entire industry that this capability was available."

Sayre added that the application can be used legitimately-outside any Nevada casino-to help people learn advanced blackjack techniques.

While "A Blackjack Card Counter" might be the only iPhone app specifically called out by the Gaming Control Board, it is by no means the only app that purports to at least teach card counting techniques. Others currently available on the App Store include Card Counter and Card Counting Practice, the latter of which warns, "This app is for entertainment purposes only. Counting in casinos may be hazardous to your health."

Of course, to some people, the dangers of being caught using apps like this to count cards might even be worse than having a Vegas tough guy break some fingers. They might decide to take away your iPhone.

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