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Description stolen from an excellent review by Blott

Each player gets a pawn and places it on the start space of the score-track, and takes their set of number cards. The game is divided up into 2 separate rounds.

In the first round, each player takes turns being the judge. The faces-line-up board is filled with 6 male faces. Then the judge reads an impressions card aloud. It will say something like "The Republican" or "The one who just ate something sour." Then the judge chooses which numbered face best fits the description and places that numbered card facedown on the table, and all the other players try to match the judge's number. Players that matched the judge move one space, and the judge moves one space for each player that matched. Then the selected face is replaced, and the judgeship passes to the next player. Once everyone has been the judge twice for Male faces, you do the same for Female faces, and then for Animal faces. The first round ends when everyone has been the judge 6 times (2 for each type of face.)

In the second round, the number cards are put aside and players are dealt a hand made up of 2 Male, 2 Female, and 2 Animal faces. Players again take turns being the judge, and the judge again reads an Impressions card. Then the judge looks away and the other players put out a face from their hand that they think best matches the description. Once all the choices are out, the judge selects the best one. The player who played that face moves 3 spaces.

Identity Games Poopyhead Card Game - The Game Where Number 2 Always Wins!
Toy (Identity Games)
  • Try to beat your opponents in this dirty action game!
  • Includes 5 Poopyhead headbands, 1 Whoopie cushion, 1 deck of 48 cards, and game rules
  • 2-4 Players
  • Ages: 6 and Up
  • The Game Where No. 2 Always Wins!
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