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The national card game is Five Hundred, which is normally played by four players with a 43 card pack - made from the standard 52 card pack by taking out the twos, threes and black fours and adding a joker. There is also a five player version played with 52 cards plus joker, and a version for six players requiring a special 63 card pack, which includes 11s, 12s and red 13s.

Euchre is quite popular in Australia, and Solo Whist is also played.

Crazy Eights is sometimes known in Australia as "Swedish Rummy". Ups and Downs is a version of Crazy Eights in which when following suit each card played must be higher than the last (in "up" mode) or lower than the last (in "down" mode). Mode can be changed by an eight and when an equal card is played.

Oh Hell! is also popular. It is usually played with simultaneous bidding and is sometimes known in Australia as Bust, Up and Down the River or Bugger Your Neighbour.

Donkey is a version of Spoons played with five card hands.

Jo is a version of Contract Rummy.

President is often known as Warlords and Scumbags, perhaps because the politician Paul Keating once famously used the word "scumbag" to describe his opponents.

Hearts is sometimes known in Australia as Rickety Kate.

Fish is the local version of Go Fish, usually played to collect pairs rather than sets of four. There is a double deck variation Backstab Fish in which sets of four are collected.

Aborigines in the Northern Territory use a 40-card pack obtained by removing the picture cards from a standard 52-card pack to play Kuns or Bayb Kad. In this game players are dealt five cards and the best hand wins the pool. Five-card hands are valued as follows. In order to score at all, there must be three cards whose values add up to a multiple of 10, that is10, 20 or 30. If this condition is satisfied, the hand value is based on the last digit of the sum of the other two cards. The perfect hand is one in which the last two cards also add up to a multiple of ten - for example 8, 7, 5; 6, 4. Otherwise the last digit should be as large as possible - for example 5, 4, A; 6, 2 (worth 8) beats 10, 10, 10; 9, 8 (worth 7).

Outset Media Educational Trivia Card Game - Professor Noggin's Famous Inventions
Toy (Outset Media)
  • Encourages kids to learn about famous inventions
  • Includes 30 game cards and a 3 numbered die
  • Questions in form of trivia, true or false, and multiple choice
  • Both easy and hard levels of questions keep kids interested, challenged and having fun
  • For 2 or more players
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ToyMarket Famous Art Robberies - a Trump card game
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  • Get to know all the important facts while you are playing with four hard facts and one soft fact: (1) When was the stolen artwork completed? (2) When was the artwork...
  • The Trump Card Game has 32 playing cards. There are additional cards included with a cover and game rules.
  • Including artworks of Leonardo da Vinci (Mona Lisa), Claude Monet, Rembrandt van Rijn, Govaert Flinck, Peter Paul Rubens, Frans van Mieris, Jean-Baptiste Oudry...
  • The card game is wrapped in foil and embedded in a transparent plastic box. Additionally, you have the option to wrap it as a gift from amazon.
64 mb graphics card games part 1
64 mb graphics card games part 1
Hong Kong Famous Card Game - Big 2 App
Hong Kong Famous Card Game - Big 2 App
United States Games Systems Inventors Card Game
Toy (United States Games Systems)
  • 13 Great Inventors
  • 54 Card Deck
  • Play the Inventor Game (Rules Included)
  • Suitable for Most Card Games
Ideal Ideal War Card Game
Toy (Ideal)
  • Timeless game that s great for young children
  • Object of the game is to capture all (52) cards in the deck to win
  • King-sized cards, colorful numbers, letters and illustrations make playing easier for younger children
  • Designed for 2-players and includes (52) playing cards with instructions
  • Recommended for children 4-years of age and older
ThinkFun Compose Yourself Music Card Game
Toy (ThinkFun)
  • Create a world-class composition in minutes! No musical experience necessary; Invented by Philip Sheppard, world-famous composer and cellist
  • Register online to hear your composition played by an orchestra; Download an mp3, print music and share with friends and social networks
  • Includes 60 transparent Music Cards, and an exclusive website for playing and sharing your compositions
  • Inspires creativity, builds self-confidence, ignites the left and right brain, and encourages a love for music; Ages 6 to adult
  • Arrange the Music Cards into your own unique melody; Cards combine to form over a billion melodies
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