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Playing Card Tables & Mats

It isn't easy to obtain card tables these days. We have located two suppliers - first there is the Jaques Eclipse card table. This has a long lineage but is a basic table with a felt top. For a better quality card table, our Cherrywood and Mahogany card tables have a sturdier build and nicer finish with a felt playing surface.

Card Mats / Cloth

Some playing card mats. Please note that the Dal Negro mats are made from baize - a surface with a nicer feel that should last much longer than lower quality felt materials.

A Brief History of Card Games

Since the invention of playing cards by the Chinese, many centuries ago and the introduction of European style playing cards a few centuries later, tens of thousands of card games have been invented and played. The majority of card games have become extinct over time but it would still take a lifetime to learn all the card games still played today.

The most popular card games in the 21st century are are probably Blackjack, Bridge, Rummy, Poker and Cribbage. Two hundred years ago, the only game that would still feature on such a list would be Cribbage - other games on the historical list would include Whist, Euchre and Pinochle.

United States Playing Card Company Congress Black Marble Standard Index Playing Cards
Sports (United States Playing Card Company)
  • Cel-U-Tone Finish
  • 2 Decks of bridge sized (2.25 by 3.5-inch) cards in a elegant velour box
  • Gold and silver gilded borders
  • Made in Spain
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The United States Playing Card Co. Bicycle Civil War Playing Cards
Sports (The United States Playing Card Co.)
  • Standard Poker size playing cards
  • The tuck and back designs are inspired by civil war-era Artwork
  • Available in confederate Red or union blue. Colors may vary
  • May not request color
  • Made in the USA
  • 2015 is the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War
  • The court cards feature the most influential names of the era
  • Deck is available in Confederate Red and Union Blue
Unboxing video for 4-color playing cards and Card/Table
Unboxing video for 4-color playing cards and Card/Table ...
Pinochle Score Pad Gift Set (Blue): 40-Page Score Pad, Two Decks Blue Bicycle Pinochle Playing Cards, Four Meld Tables and Double Pinochle Quick Reference Guide
Toy (D&W Custom Wood Designs)
  • Made in the USA! Set includes a 45 page Pinochle Score Pad - makes scoring easier! Keeps track of dealer, suit called, meld, points taken and totals
  • Includes a handy Double Pinochle Quick Reference Guide, and 4 sturdy meld tables
  • Includes two decks of high quality Bicycle Playing Cards. Comes packaged in a thick reusable ziplock bag to keep everything organized
  • We also offer a Pinochle Card Holder Gift Set available on Amazon, search UPC# 617353775280
  • This set makes a wonderful gift for any card lover - Pinochle is easy to learn and may quickly become your favorite card game!
Brybelly 6 Deck Rotating Card Tray by Brybelly
Sports (Brybelly)
  • Perfect for games with give and take hands
  • Clear plastic holder spins on a turn-table base
  • Holds wide or narrow cards
  • Rotates to allow for easy access from any direction
The United States Playing Card Co Bicycle Double Nine Dominos Playing Cards
Sports (The United States Playing Card Co)
  • 55 playable tiles into one easy-to-carry deck
  • Clean black and white design
  • Made in the USA


Why are my three playing cards are placed face down on a table?

You are playing a card game called "War" or "Battle", the rank of the 4th card will decide the victor of those cards between you and your opponent. Either that or you are playing some form of poker maybe Texas holdem

What is the name of those pictures in old man's pubs of dogs sat around a table playing cards?

These are usually prints of the work of Cassius Marcellus Coolidge (1844-1934) an American artist. He was famous for his dogs playing cards pictures.

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