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The Card Club (CC) GroupSide Quests

The Card Club (CC) Group
Side Quests

You can begin this quest as soon as Balamb Garden becomes mobile and can be moved around the map (click on the link to move to jump to that part of the strategy guide). Completing the CC Group side quest will allow you to pick up several rare cards and will allow you to regain any cards that you choose to refine (using Quetzalcoatl's Card Mod ability) or that you may have missed during your travels.

If you complete the CC-Group side quest you will find each of the CC-Group members aboard the Ragnarok at the end of Disc 4. You can then challenge them and they will have in their possession any cards that you may be missing.

Here is where you can find and challenge each of the CC Group Members:


In order to begin the CC-Group Quest you need to first find and challenge card players around Balamb Garden. Once you have completed 15 card games you will be able to find and challenge the CC-Group’s Jack. Jack is located in the front entranceway of Balamb Garden.

Magician Joker

The Joker can be found in the Training Center of Balamb Garden. When you reach the fork in the road head to the right. The Joker is not always there each time you enter this part of the training area, so if the platform is empty just exit the area and re-enter until he shows up. If you beat him he will upgrade your Battle Meter to also give you a GF Report function.

Knight Club

Go to the northern side of Balamb Garden and look for a SeeD member patrolling this part of the walkway. He patrols from the left side of the screen to right. You do not get anything notable from defeating him.

Princess Diamond

Card Princess Diamond (both of them) are two twins that can be found in the front hall of Balamb Garden in the same place you found Jack. You will have to wait until they stop moving before you can challenge them.

This concludes the first portion of the CC-Group side quest.

You can only complete the second portion of the CC-Group side quest after you have landed in Fisherman's Horizon (FH) and completed that portion of the game.

(Part 2 of the side quest)

Prince Spade

After Balamb Garden becomes mobile (click on the link to go to that section of the game) you will be able to find Spade on the second floor balcony – he is the guy who gave you your original Triple Triad cards at the start of the game.

Similar to with some of the previous CC-Group members, if he is not there when you pass just move over to the next screen and come back until he shows up.

Queen Heart

Master King

In order to initiate a game against the Master King (revealed to be Quistis) you will have to head back to your dormitory room and take a nap. Keep resting if needed until she appears. Each time you defeat Xu, followed by taking a nap in your dorm room, Quistis will be there when you awake to challenge you.

Quistis holds the Gilgamesh Card, so keep playing her until you win that one. After you defeat her the first time in your dorm room you can now start challenging her at the top of the bridge.

The bridge of Balamb Garden
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When was the video game Final Fantasy VIII released?

The video game Final Fantasy VIII was released for the Play-Station in 1999 and some computers in 2000. The game fared well on video game charts and reviews.

Final Fantasy VIII Quesion getting card game back to normal...? | Yahoo Answers

The card game in FFVIII has different rules for each region. When playing with others, they may have rules they want to apply. When you agree to this, this rule can spread. You somehow spread the rule "Random" or so. To change the rule, you must apply or spread another rule with the Queen of Cards(if I recall correctly). It costs. Rules mix-up or join. Its best not to spread a rule. Try to disagree with other card players when they want a specific rule and they may not ask for that rule the next time you duel them.

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