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Adjusting From Home Games to Casino GamesPOKER STRATEGY

Most people who play poker seriously started by playing in home games. The structure of these games is simple. Generally, everyone would ante a certain amount (say, $0.25) and then the betting was structured as to have a minimum and maximum bet. For example, the bets and raises would range between $0.25 and $2 each round.

The play at home games was generally: bet, call (or perhaps bet, raise, call.) Most hands would go to a showdown, and typically the person who had the hottest cards would win at the end of the day. Games were mostly luck and a little bit of skill.

Internet poker and casino poker are very different from this typical home game in 3 ways: the ante structure, the betting structure, and the competition.

First, unless you are playing 7-card stud, there is no ante; instead, there are blinds. The person to the left of the dealer must pay the small blind and the person after him must pay the big blind. These are forced bets. All the other players are not forced to pay anything to receive cards (they do not need to ante), but they must match the big blind or any raise to the big blind to see the flop. Thus, a typical game, involving 6 people, with a small blind (SB) of 50 cents and a big blind (BB) of $1 would go as follows preflop:

Seat one: SB ($.50)
Seat two: BB ($1)
Seat three: Fold
Seat four: Calls BB ($1)
Seat five: Raises BB ($2)
Dealer (Seat six): Fold

Seat one: Fold
Seat two: Calls raise ($1)
Seat four: Calls raise ($1)

Then the betting would begin with the big blind (since the small blind folded) after the flop. For more information about blinds and betting structures, check out our Poker Rules section.

In addition to the ante structure being different, the type of betting differs. The most similar to the spread limit (i.e. the minimum and maximum bet) would be no-limit. There is still a minimum bet, however, the maximum bet is the amount of chips in front of you.

There is a common myth in no-limit poker that if someone bets more chips than you have, you must fold. That is not true. If Tom bets $30 and I only have $15, I only must put in $15 to call. If I'm the only person in the pot, Tom is essentially betting only $15. However, let's say that the pot is between me, Tom, and Jane. Suppose both Tom and Jane have $50, while I have $15. Tom put in $30, I go all-in for $15, and Jane must call $30 to stay in. $15 from each player ($45 total) would be in the main pot. $15 from Jane and $15 from Tom would be in a sidepot. So, at the showdown, I would be in contention for $45 and Tom and Jane would be in contention for the $45 main pot plus the $30 sidepot. If I have the best hand, and Jane has the second best hand, I would win $45 and she would win $30. If Jane's hand were better than mine, she would win the entire $75.

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First time playing poker in casino, tips? | Yahoo Answers

Other players LOVE the "fishes" as you put it, because they know that those are the people that will give away their money. You won't be one of the "fishes", though, because you aren't playing for real money.
As for tips - Stick to only premium hands if you want to last a long time in the tournament. It's more boring, but that's what you'll need to do to survive.
Premium hands are cards like: A-A, K-K, Q-Q, J-J, A-K, A-Q, and maybe A-J and K-Q. Always being suited makes the hand even more premium.

Who makes more tips at a casino? Black jack dealer or Poker dealer? | Yahoo Answers

Poker dealer as every game, there will be a winner. Where as in black Jack table, you will have both winners and losers but, there will be times when no one will win on that table.

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