Eleven up card game

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11 Up is a classic Megatouch card game in which you clear the playfield as quickly as possible by creating combinations of cards that total – you guessed it – 11.

The rules couldn't be simpler but don’t be fooled, you’re gonna need the Practice mode to sharpen up your skills before you move on to Tournament mode and compete for REAL PRIZES.

Key Features:
•Unlimited FREE Practice
•Daily, Weekly & Monthly Tournaments where players compete to win REAL PRIZES
•Tons of Prizes awarded across all Tournaments, from electronics to apparel to gift cards & more

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Tournament info at: www.megatouch.com
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What's New in Version 1.5.9827

Aside from bug fixes and some behind the scenes stuff, in this update we've made a few cosmetic changes and fancied up the screen you'll see at the end of each game. It's pretty awesome and our artists & programmers have been the recipients of several high-fives for their efforts. We've also made it easier and more obvious for you to Claim a Prize, so now it's up to you to go out there and win one - we know you can do it!

Home-Based Casino
by Newly Pissed Off!!!

Really? The only way to continue in the tournament is to constantly buy coins!! There should be a way to get free coins to keep playing. I guess I'll just keep with the practice mode. Besides, there is no guarantee that you'll win coins during the tournament… Whatever!

Practice Mode Only
by jec444

It says there are tournaments but I've had it a couple weeks and there are no tournaments to join.

All you can do is keep playing 3 practice rounds over and over again. That's it.

Very disappointed
by Prncss'Mommy

Yes the game is fun but the only way to get coins is to pay?!? Why can't it be like the other games way to get coins whether it be play a certain amnt of games a day. Get friends to join. Long story short disappointed

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