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Chinese Blackjack

Chinese Blackjack is also known as 21-point, or ban-luck (Hokkien) or ban-nag (Cantonese). The game is played in South East Asia which bears similarity to conventional Blackjack. In Malaysia, this variant is known as Kampung (Village) Blackjack, to differentiate from the standard Casino Blackjack, and it grew from the game played in the old days in villages.

The game uses one or two 52-card deck(s) and is playable by any number of players. One of them is to be a dealer, or they may take turn to be the dealer, e.g. each person deals 3 rounds or 3 winning rounds. In this article, players beside the dealer shall be denoted "player(s)".

The game probably evolved from the fact that amongst friends, it is difficult to host a casino rules blackjack that needs a dealer which plays very differently from the players. In casino rules, the cards are opened, and the dealer must play at least until 17 points but must stand once reached, while the players have no limits. This is complicated for a home friendly game, and it appears that the odds are stacked against the dealer. So most friends don't volunteer to be the dealer.

A unique feature is that the dealer is allowed to selectively reveal some players' hands, settle bets with them and then hit again and reveal other players' hands. Another unique feature is a special status given to owning 5 cards unbusted.

Kampung Blackjack[edit]

In Malaysian kampung blackjack, which is likely to be a derivative of the original Chinese Blackjack, ('Kampung' means village in Malay) the following rules apply:

  • All hands including the dealer must reach at least 16 points (reached 'license' or 'passport'), or a penalty applies (usually the offender has to pay all players).
  • The maximum number of cards to be drawn is 5 only.
  • All hands are closed, but any player including the dealer may choose to show part of his hand to 'psycho' other players.
  • A burn rule may apply to make things more exciting. Players receiving the initial 2 cards of 15 points may get a new lease of luck by drawing a fresh set of cards by doubling up their original bet. It gets interesting when the dealer does the burn, as all players must then double up as well. Players may choose not to 'burn' with the dealer by forfeiting the bet.
  • A Blackjack is one that has 21 points achieved by a ten/picture card + an ace, and usually is paid as 1:2.
  • In addition, other special winning conditions apply:
  • Any combination to 21 points (usually paid out as 1:2), drawn to a maximum of 5 cards.
  • Surviving unbusted at 5 cards (usually 1:2).
  • Unbusted at 5 cards AND 21 (usually 1:3).
  • Double ace 21 (usually 1:3).
  • Triple 7 21 (usually a big payout from 1:5 to 1:21, depending on house rules).
  • Unlike Chinese Blackjack described below, pairs has no winning privileges.
  • The dealer's turn is always last. He may choose selectively open the hands of the players, and make an immediate payout/collect according to the points he has at hand. After that, he may continue to hit himself to chance if he can get higher points, or bust. This feature gives a perception of 'another lifeline' as the dealer with a bad card like 16 or 17 points can eliminate players with 3 or 4 cards on the likelihood that they have busted, before attempting another attempt to beat players with 2 cards which are likely to be good cards (18 to 21).
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    What are the rules to playing internet blackjack games.

    While playing Internet Blackjack games always split for blackjack pairs, in case you get a pair of aces and a pair of eights. never split for blackjack a pair, which means that you should only stand when you get a pair of eights or a pair of aces.

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