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The basic idea of the game of Blackjack, Vingt-et-un, Pontoon or just “21” as it is sometimes called, is to have a hand that is closer in numeric value to 21 than that of the dealer – without going over 21 (“Going Bust” or “Busting”).

Your hand is only played out against the hand of the Dealer. Don’t worry about the other players, in this game you are only playing against the Dealer. The rules for the Blackjack Dealer are strict, the Dealer makes no decisions, they just follow the House Rules.

Card Values

The suit of the cards (Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, Spades) does NOT matter in Blackjack. Cards 2 through 9 are face value – The number shown on the card. Cards 10, Jack, Queen and King are all valued at 10. The Aces can be valued at 1 or 11. – NOTE: This is an important part of Blackjack strategy, being able to use 2 different values for the Aces.

Hand Value

The total of all cards in your hand is your “score”, in other words, if you have a 9 (nine) and a King your score is 19 (nineteen), or if you have an Ace (one or eleven) and an 8 (eight) your score could be 9 (Nine) or it could be 19 (nineteen), players choice. (Although, in the last example most players would want the 19).


If your hand has a numerical value of 21 or under and you Tie the Dealer (for example: You have 20 and the Dealer has 20) this is obviously a Tie and is called a “Push” or “Stand Off” in Blackjack table lingo. In this Blackjack Game when the Dealer and Player Tie (Tie = “Push” or “Standoff”) the players wager is returned to the player and the Hand ended.

The Deal

After the bets are made and placed on the table. Each player and the dealer are dealt two cards at the start of the Hand (game). The Deal starts with the player on the far left of the Dealer and then goes clockwise. Depending on the house rules, both of the player’s cards can either be face down, face up or one card face up and one face down. (In our Blackjack game both player’s cards are face up).

The Dealer is always dealt one card face down and one card face up. Each Blackjack Player only plays against the dealer, not against the other Blackjack players at the table. Only your hand and the Dealer’s hand determines if you win or lose.

In most Blackjack Games, the Deal starts with the player to the dealers far left. After all the cards are dealt, play proceeds around the table, same as the deal.

However, in this Blackjack Game the Player and the Dealer are the only players. The Player gets the first card of the deal, every deal.

Blackjack Dealer Rules

The Blackjack Dealer must always play his/her hand according to the house rules, the dealer has no choices or decisions to make as to how to play his/her hand.

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What Blackjack game uses all the cards in a deck?

That would be "Blackjack" or more commonly known as "21".

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