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Bicycle Black Ghost Playing Cards

The original Black Ghost deck did not enter the market except by private sale.

It was used by Ellusionist for only for special promotions and given as a gift to professionals such as Banachek, David Blaine, Garcia and others.

The decks easily commanded up to $400 on eBay as witnessed in one of the photos to the left...

Full Overview

The decks easily commanded up to $400 on eBay. Check out the image above (mouse over the thumbnails), with a bid of $450, taken April 20, 2008.

Now, after repeated requests for the Black Ghost (more than any product in Ellusionist history), we are releasing an improved 2nd Edition of the mega-hit deck. Look for beautiful fanning and luxury stock

The Jokers alone are a work of art and contain a Jack of Spades reveal that can be used with a Shapeshifter or Erdnase change..

Discounts available. Pick up a deck, or 12, today.

Customer Reviews

  • This deck is awesome. I also got the white Ghost also and they are both awesome feeling and looking cards. The jokers are truly a work of art.
  • My favorite black deck that I own. The jokers always have spectators having a double look with the outstanding design. the overall handling of these amazing looking cards is great as well.
  • I really really love these cards. They are so amazing! The color is great. The spring these cards have is phenomenal & they can do a lot of stuff. My favorite thing about this deck is the Joker. I love the look and the tricks I can perform with them. People cannot believe that the Joker can pick there card! Thank you!
MollaSpace Mollaspace - Black Deck of Playing Cards - By Balance Wu
Toy (MollaSpace)
  • A brand new black on black deck of playing cards featuring futuristic version of the classic King, Queen, Jack and Joker.
  • Based on a simple concept of pursuing coolness, this is a dark and stylish black on black colored deck of cards with original face card designs.
  • It is sure to make your next poker night, pitch black.
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Bicycle Black Ghost Second Edition Playing Cards Deck by
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  • 500 Air - Glide Finish with luxury thick stock
  • One-of-a-kind Jokers, with killer reveal
  • The black version of s beautiful Ghost Deck hits shelves, fully loaded
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MollaSpace MollaSpace Black Deck of Cards
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  • Tiara-wearing pinup is the queen
  • Cigar-chomping kingpin tops them all
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  • super creative, super gift for you and your friends. Funny card games
Ellusionist Arcane Playing Cards (Black Deck) by Ellusionist
Toy (Ellusionist)
  • The design is ALSO available in white (this one is black) click the by Ellusionist up top to see all our products
  • High resolution, thick luxurious stock long lasting
  • Ace ribbons go all the way around the box
  • Gorgeous, quality cards that produce gasps from your guests
  • Printed by United States Playing Card Company to Ellusionist specs
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