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10 Games to Play Without a Board (Rules Included)

who am I gameIf you really want to fool everybody, try constructing your truths in an exaggerated, pompous manner or speak some truths that on an average assumption can pass as lies. For instance, “I graduated MIT top of the class” can be a solid truth but can pass as a lie if you squeeze it in between other statements that have a more “truthful” essence to them.

5. Who am I?

You may know this game as being played differently, but the main feature is that this is a guessing game which can keep large groups entertained, a bit frustrated and with their imagination on fire.

Basic rules

Sit down in a circle, so you can all see each other. On a post – it, write “something” (and here you have plenty of choices: food, animals, real or fictional people and characters, colors, trees, whatever you can think of and enters a relatively known category) and stick it on the forehead of the person sitting to your right. That person does the same thing for the person in their right and so on. You’ll have your own post – it too, don’t worry.

20 questions gameBesides looking funny with a post – it stuck on your face, the idea is that everybody sees what you are, except for you. Each person tries to then guess who he or she is by asking questions. The group has to answer honestly and using only “Yes” or “No”. One question per person is allowed until a full circle is completed. Everybody should remember his or her personal clues, so when their turn arrives again, to ask the proper question in order to narrow down the choices. If one person guesses what is written on the post – it leaves the game. The games goes on until there is one person left who didn’t guess at all who he or she is.

I went to the market gameWinning

It’s more like trying not to lose, but it’s fun anyway, especially when on your post – it your friend graced you with the label of “Che Guevara”, “Liverwurst” or “Cthulhu”.

4. 20 Questions

Who am I is based generally on the more popular 20 Questions party game, but this latter lacks the fun and frustration of having people look at you in funny ways for what is on your fore-head post – it, while you’re trying to guess the products of the others’ sick humor.

hows yours gameIn a group, a person thinks about “something”. Usually, it can fall into the broad categories of “animal”, “vegetal”, “mineral”, “person”, “place” or “thing” and this is the only clue that person reveals to the group. They all then take turns and try to guess the “secret” by asking no more than 20 questions. The person is allowed only to answer truthfully with “Yes” or “No” without giving other details.


Wins the one who managed to guess the secret word in under 20 questions or, as sometimes happen, the ones to gets the answer right away without asking anything. It’s rare, but powerful insights and funny lucky breaks have been seen before.

word construction gameVariations

Sometimes you can play the same game by giving a supplemental clue after each person asked the question in order to speed things up a bit, as to narrow a very large category to one small item sometimes may take more than just 20 questions. So after a round is finished, the person holding the secret can add to the description of “place” the clue “People in that place speak Spanish”.

3. I Went To Market

You may be familiar with this one, as among the most funny games to play without a board, this one challenges the most of your memory functions and mnemonic skills. They say the optimum number of players is 5 – 6, but try this one with 10 – 12 players and if you win, you’re a memory genius.

Get in a circle together and pick the “Starter”. This person will start a sentence that usually goes like this: “I went to the market and bough a…..” (anything that can be bought, by say it’s a Tuna Can). The one that comes next has to say everything again and add his or her own product. For instance “I went to the market and bough a tuna can and milk”.

Cardinal Industries Cards without Decency Board Game
Toy (Cardinal Industries)
  • A card game for adults
  • Cards Without Decency
  • A simple fill in the blank game
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