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Alfonso Ribeiro

Join Alfonso Ribeiro in Catch 21, one of the hottest new game shows on GSN! Players rely on a combination of trivia talent and card-counting cleverness to "Catch" a "21."

Alfonso Ribeiro is a multi-talented entertainer with exuberant charm and charisma. Born in New York, Ribeiro is probably best known for his comedic portrayal of Will Smith's uptight cousin, Carlton Banks, in the long-running hit TV series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but he made his acting debut many years before at age eight on the PBS series Oye Ollie.

A singer, gymnast and professional tap dancer, Alfonso grew up starring in Broadway hits, recorded several dance/pop singles for Island Records, and gained worldwide exposure alongside Michael Jackson during the performer's celebrated Pepsi commercial in the early '80s.

Viewers have seen Alfonso on shows like Silver Spoons, In the House, Dancing with the Stars, The Singing Bee, and Celebrity Duets, which partnered him with Grammy® award-winning vocalists.

In his spare time, Alfonso plays golf and is an avid racing professional, driving part-time in the '90s and winning the Toyota Grand Prix Pro/Celebrity Race in 1994 and 1995. He also finished 3rd at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in the Star Mazda Series.

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Is there an easy way to memorize the blackjack basic strategy chart? | Yahoo Answers

many have those i carried mine in my pocket..i was told when i was playing as long as its not on the can look at it from time to time...always stand when the dealer shows 2-6 up chances are they are going to bust ..that is if you have 12 or more if you have 11 or less alway take a hit

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