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The best video games of 2015, as picked by the Ars editors

Narrowing an entire year of video games into a list of the 20 titles most worth your attention is always difficult, but it was more difficult than usual in 2015. We could have easily extended this year's list to 30 or 40 games without breaking a sweat or recommending any marginal titles (see our upcoming "best of the rest" list as proof).

The year was just that jam-packed with quality titles. Perhaps that's because the new generation of consoles is finally coming into its own, or because a number of independent developers surprised us with highly polished and utterly unique titles. Whatever the reason, we hope 2016 can capture even a fraction of the joy and variety found in this year's best games.

20. N++

Platforms: PS4
Release Date: July 28
Developer: Metanet Software

The journey to complete a single level in N++ is a long and frustrating one.

A full decade after the release of the original , this second sequel is a perfect combination of refinement and dedication. The key, as always, is a beautiful physics system based on floaty leaps and wall-climbing hops. There's a strong sense of momentum to every movement and an almost balletic feeling of balance in carefully managing your speed and position from moment to moment.

But the real star here is the level design, with over 2, 000 single-screen stages in the single-player portion alone and not a bit of filler in the bunch. Those levels go from merely hard to insanely difficult quickly thanks to dozens of merciless hazards and enemies that often require pixel-perfect movement to avoid. Expect an even tougher challenge if you want to collect every piece of gold or unlock some of the more devious secrets buried in the game.

will only appeal to a certain class of player that has been constantly looking for an ever-increasing levels of precision platforming challenge in the three decades or so since Super Mario Bros. For those players, this may the platonic ideal of a largely defunct and unappreciated genre.

Publisher Services Inc (PSI) Loonacy
Toy (Publisher Services Inc (PSI))
  • Easy enough to teach in a single sentence
  • So addictive you can t play just one game!
  • A maniacal matching card game
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Mattel Games Uno Attack Game
Toy (Mattel Games)
  • Brace yourself for an updated, modern version of the Uno Attack
  • Uno Attack combines the fun of UNO with unpredictable random excitement
  • Now the #1 family card game is even faster and more unpredictable
  • Players receive a random number of cards from the electronic card dispenser
  • Shooter acts as a storage unit and is totally portable
Nintendo New Super Mario Bros
Video Games (Nintendo)
  • New moves. New Super Mario Bros. expands Mario s arsenal of moves to include some very powerful advanced techniques.
  • Run, jump, and stomp your way through raging volcanoes, tropical islands, snow capped peaks, and unimaginable challenges!
  • Grab a Mega Mushroom and grow to incredible proportions, or smash through your foes in a blue Koopa shell.
  • There are two multiplayer modes in New Super Mario Bros. Mario vs. Luigi and Minigames. In Mario vs. Luigi mode
  • New power ups. You ll find classic power-ups like the Super Mushroom and the Fire Flower in the game
Rejects from Studios ThinkFun Zingo
Toy (Rejects from Studios)
  • Two levels of play
  • Seventy-two picture tiles
  • Six double-sided Zingo cards
  • Teaches image and vocabulary recognition, matching, memory, concentration, and social interaction
  • For ages between 4 to 8 years
ThinkFun Laser Maze Logic Game
Toy (ThinkFun)
  • Logic game with a real laser
  • 60 challenges from beginner to expert
  • Builds sequential reasoning and planning skills
  • From the makers of Rush Hour and the inventor of The Laser Game: Khet 2.0
  • Puzzle challenges by world famous puzzle-creator Wei-Hwa Huang
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