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Spite and Malice

Spite and Malice, also known as Cat and Mouse, is a card game for two or more players. It is a form of competitive solitaire and has a number of variations that can be played with two or three regular decks of cards. A variation sold by Hasbro is called Spite and Malice, and another variation sold by Mattel is called Skip-Bo. Another is the card game Flinch.


The deck consists of three regular playing card decks with the jokers removed or jokers may be retained and used as wild, although the United States Playing Card Company's version of the game uses two 52 card decks. The rank of the cards is Ace low and then proceeding normally up to Queen which is the highest card in the deck. Kings are wild and may substitute for any other card rank excluding Ace/1. Suits have no bearing to the game.


Two or more (if too many people play it is possible you will need to add additional standard playing card decks to your Spite and Malice deck). Usually the game is played with 2 to 4 players.


Be the first person to move all the cards in your goal pile into the playing piles, thus winning the game.


Players cut for the deal with the highest card winning the deal, aces being high. Once a dealer is chosen he/she deals 26 cards to each player (or 13 cards if a shorter game is desired). The players do not look at these cards but simply collect them into a pile, hereafter called the goal pile. Once each goal pile is dealt, the top card should be turned over by each player and placed face up on the pile.

All un-dealt cards are left face down in a stack placed central to all players called the draw pile.


There are three kinds of piles in Spite and Malice.

  • Goal piles
  • Each player tries to play through his goal pile, the one doing so first, wins
  • If a player cannot use a turn to reach the card in their goal pile he/she may choose to attempt to block the ability of someone else to make theirs instead
  • Playing piles
  • Play piles are community piles, used by all players
  • Being community piles they are located between all players
  • There are a maximum of four playing piles open at once
  • Each playing pile is opened with an ace
  • Playing proceeds upward in normal rank all the way to the Queen
  • Once a queen is played on a playing pile it causes that pile to be dead and it is removed from the immediate playing area until enough cards are collected to be able to shuffle them and return them to the draw pile
  • Discard piles
  • Discard piles belong only to the player who made them - players may not interfere or play from one another's discard piles
  • Being personal piles they are located in front of each individual player
  • Each player has at his/her disposal a maximum of four discard piles
  • Playing a card into your discard pile ends your turn and passes it onto the next player
  • The cards played into the discard piles must be played out in reverse order of them being laid down - in other words you may not play out of the middle of the piles but you must remove cards from the top of discard piles when putting them into the playing piles.
  • Because you cannot play from the discard piles out of turn, they are often organized either by being all of the same number or by descending card ranks so that they may be played sequentially.
  • You cannot discard an ace, however if your discard slots are filled and the playable slots are filled, and all you are left with is an ace to discard, you do not get to draw again, and your turn is over.
  • If all playable slots are filled, and you have a discard slot open and only an ace in your hand, then you get to draw 4 more cards.
  • You can never end a turn with an empty discard pile.
  • The first person to get a turn is the dealer. In play, each turn will start with a player drawing from the common draw pile to give themselves a five card hand. Then they make whatever plays they are able until they have no more plays and then a card is played from a player's hand into that person's personal discard area which ends their turn. Play starts with the dealer and goes around the table in a clockwise fashion.

    The best move would be to be able to play the goal card directly on a playing pile (it would have to be an ace or a king at this point since all four playing piles are empty at this point). If this is not possible, the player may use the cards in his hand in to put cards into the playing piles and "play up" to the value of the goal card. If the player cannot do either of these things, the turn might simply consist of making a discard to one of his/her four discard piles.

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    What is a trick taking card game played with a deck of 32 cards and two players

    A 16th C card game still played today. Until the early 1900's it was the most popular card game in France comparable to cribbage in the UK

    What card game is played using two decks and 12 card hands? | Yahoo Answers

    Great game, played it for years with my then-husband and his parents. Loads of fun.

    What card game is played with two decks and two people and resembles solitaire

    Cat and Mouse or Spite and Malice, which is a form of competitive solitaire involving two or more players.

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