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3 Card Blackjack

Three Card Blackjack is best described as a combination of 3-card poker and blackjack. It’s claimed that Tom Gallagher invented the game, but sold it to a gentleman by the name of Larry Lambert, who then went off to patent it. There is also a game titled 21+3, which is supposed to be the same game with a different name. It’s been said that this was created by someone named Derek Webb.

Who really created 3-card blackjack? We don’t know. What we do know is that it has the same objective as blackjack, similar rules and game play that mirrors 3-card poker. So if you’re familiar with either or both games, you should have no problem picking it up.

At one point you were able to find this game in brick and mortar Washington State casinos. However, based on our research it doesn’t look like anyone currently carries it. But you might have luck finding 21+3 in Las Vegas. I’ve seen reports that the M Resort, Flamingo, Monte Carlo and Harrahs have it, as well as select casinos in Kansas City and St. Louis. Keep in mind that these reports are 2-5 years old, though.

Online you can find 21+3 at Sky Vegas. What I noticed there, though, is that their description of the game is very different than three card blackjack, even though they’re supposed to be the same game. According to their rules you still have the option to stand and hit your hand. That’s not an option in three card blackjack, which is what I’m going to give you the rules for below.

Three Card Blackjack Rules

Three card blackjack is played with one, standard, 52-card deck. Before the cards are dealt the player will need to make an ante bet. At this time you will also want to make the Ace Plus bonus bet, if you want to participate in that.

Once the wagers have been made the dealer will give everyone 3 cards. The players’ cards are dealt face down. One of the dealer’s cards are face up, the other two are face down.

Your objective here is to have the best blackjack hand. With that and the dealer’s card in mind, you will have the option to raise or fold. If you choose to raise (you think your hand is better) you’ll need to match your ante bet. For example, if you made a $5 ante and wanted to raise, your raise would need to be $5.

Once each player has acted, it will now be the dealer’s turn. He will need at least 17 to ‘qualify.’ Meaning, the dealer needs a 17 to even play his hand. Any hand worse than 17 and the dealer loses.

Here are the payouts for the different outcomes:

  • If the dealer doesn’t qualify, the ante bet pays even money. The raise bet is a push.
  • If the player has a blackjack, they win regardless of the dealer’s hand or whether or not he qualifiers. The payout is even money on both the ante and raise bet.
  • If the dealer qualifies, the best hand wins. The player receives even money if they win.
  • If the dealer beats the player, the player loses his bets.

Your other option is to fold, and give up your ante bet. However, if you make the side bet your hand will still play for it.

That’s all there is to it. Once the hand is over, the cards will be reshuffled, new bets will be posted and a new hand will be dealt.

3-Card Blackjack Strategy

Here are some tips for how to best play three card blackjack. This strategy was first posted by the Wizard of Odds (1). You will raise according to this chart:

  • 16 or less: Never
  • 17: Dealer 2
  • 18: Dealer 2-8
  • 19: Dealer 2-9
  • 20-BJ: Always

Ace Plus Bonus

This is the side bet for three card blackjack. It’s 100% optional, and only pays on hands containing aces. Here are the payouts:

  • Axx – 1:1
  • ATx – 3:1
  • ATT – 5:1
  • AAx – 15:1
  • AAT – 25:1
  • AAA – 100:1
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