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By “cole11” I’m still just an infant when it comes to counting cards, I 100% accept this as reality, which is one of the numerous reasons I love this site so much. However I’m very confident when I say I can’t even think of a deviation that tells you to double on a soft 14 […]

by “cole11” My first love of course is blackjack. And thanks so much to this site, I’ve learned how to really push myself and improve my game so much from Ben, Colin, and the various professionals on the forum. One thing I get a lot of though, (and something we’ve all probably delt with) is […]

For our story of the week this week, we’re going to share some of the “ploppy stories” from a Forum discussion thread. You can thank PokerPro04 for this thread. *For those who don’t know, a ploppy is a gambler, and often an uninformed gambler making cringe-worthy playing decisions at the blackjack table. So here we go!*

Last time we were in Las Vegas, Ben and I sat down with BJA member and professional card counter, “SmurfAP”. We touched base with him almost a year ago when he did this written interview with him, and we had the opportunity to interview him for this podcast to find out what’s happened since then. Find […]

by “going2beat21” So long story short I quit my job about a week ago and am planning to move to Vegas. My reason for Vegas isn`t necessarily for blackjack alone although that is a part of it. I think my income from playing poker has shown to be fairly stable, and more profitable than my […]

Just this month, author Philip Reed published his latest book, “Wild Cards: A Year Counting Cards With a Professional Blackjack Player, a Priest, and a $30, 000 Bankroll.” It chronicles his introduction to card counting by an ex-MIT team member, his struggles with mastering card counting, and the philosophical lessons learned about money, gambling, and fear. If […]

by “PokerPro04” Playing 2 hands with 2 other players at the table, count is a true 1 so I’m betting 2×200. One hand I get a 20 and the dealer has 20. He pays me 200. About 3 seconds after he pays me he mutters “Ahh push” then whispers to me “go ahead and keep […]

by “hail2pitt” We all love to play blackjack, but it is important that we maximize EV, especially when the game is beatable, but not ideal. This is an example involving an important lesson known as patience. Recently I was playing a game at a casino 1.5 hours from me that was 8D das da2 rs3 […]

by “PokerPro04” So I’m playing blackjack, sitting there with all these numbers running through my head: running count, true count, next bet, etc. I get a 19 vs dealer 6. The count is at 0 so it’s a min bet. Dealer goes 6, 3 2 5. At this point, he is clearly not good with […]

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What are the rules to playing internet blackjack games.

While playing Internet Blackjack games always split for blackjack pairs, in case you get a pair of aces and a pair of eights. never split for blackjack a pair, which means that you should only stand when you get a pair of eights or a pair of aces.

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