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Poker FreerollsLet's be real. Freeroll poker tournaments have the word "free" in it. And every poker player, no matter how talented and rich they might be, loves free stuff. Especially free money. So when you sit down to play at the best freeroll poker sites, you can expect to see a lot of players sitting down to play against you.

For example, if a typical $10+1 tournament at an online poker site attracts 500 players, expect to see 1, 000+ players sitting in a poker tournament that has absolutely no buy-in. And as the prize pool grows, so does the number of players who choose to enter the tournament. Poker players—especially newbies—are attracted to freeroll poker no deposit sites like moths to a flame, so expect to see a big crowd whenever you play in one.

What makes a great freeroll poker room

Looking for the best freeroll poker sites? Our favorites are the ones that offer big prizes while limiting the number of players. Many sites hold freerolls with a $10 prize. We prefer the sites that offer freerolls that lead to tournament seats in big events. For example, at some of the big poker sites, you can actually win a seat in a major land-based event like the World Series of Poker, the Aussie Millions, or another tournament — all through a freeroll.

For the best freeroll poker sites, go big or go home

They say that good things come in small packages, but when it comes to playing poker freerolls, that old saying doesn't apply. The best freerolls are at the biggest poker sites. That's because the large tournaments can afford to offer more freerolls more often. Thanks to a large player base of real money players, the larger sites have the financial banking and profit to host all kinds of freerolls. Smaller sites generally just can't compete.

We found the best freeroll poker sites

The best freeroll poker sites are the ones that not only offer a great mix of poker freerolls, but also ones that offer you the chance to make money in other ways. We found the best new free poker sites 2016 offering a solid mix of great free games, excellent real-money games, and generous deposit bonuses. Many of our picks even award seats in a special freeroll when you make your first deposit, so read the reviews and find a site that works for you. And remember, you're not obligated to make a deposit, so feel free (literally) to keep your wallet closed.

Freeroll FAQ

Are freerolls really free?

Yes. Freeroll poker online tournaments don't cost anything to enter. However, some freeroll poker tourneys will require you to make a deposit if you want to play. For example, many sites offer new depositor freerolls. While you don't have to shell out money to play, you can only gain entry into these free online poker tournaments by making a deposit.

How do I qualify for a freeroll?

That depends. Some poker sites let any poker player into a freeroll. Others reserve freerolls for players who have made their first deposit. Information on whether a tournament freeroll is restricted can be found in the tournament description window.

Do all freerolls give away money as a prize?

No. There's a good mix of freeroll tournaments at pretty much every freeroll poker site. Some tournaments award cash. Others award bonus money. Some award tournament seats in larger events. Others award swag, like t-shirts, poker books, hats, and other branded stuff. Most freeroll poker no deposit sites will offer a good mix of freerolls featuring cash prizes and non-cash prizes.

Are freerolls restricted to Texas Hold'em?

Not necessarily. While Texas Hold'em is definitely the most popular poker variant at poker sites with freerolls, some poker rooms feature Omaha, HORSE, and RAZZ freeroll poker tournaments for real money.

Should I apply a normal playing strategy in a freeroll tournament?

Definitely. In fact, you'll probably come out ahead and do much better than most players when you employ a normal playing strategy at free online poker sites. Unfortunately, far too many players donk their chips playing freeroll poker games because they're not actually playing with their own money. The logic goes, "hey, this isn't costing me anything so I might as well mix things up and make stupid moves I wouldn't normally make." That's a recipe for disaster. We recommend sticking to your real-money strategy if you want to come out ahead.

Can I play freerolls on a mobile or tablet?

Sometimes. The top free poker sites let you play on your Mac, PC, smartphone, or tablet. Before you deposit, check the freeroll tournament poker page to see which devices are supported. Some freeroll poker no deposit sites only work from a computer while others work on different tablets and smartphones.

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