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SMR Online is the only official price guide for PSA-certified collectibles and it is the most comprehensive price guide in the hobby. It includes over 300, 000 prices for a host of different collectibles including, but not limited to; sports and non-sports trading cards, autographs, unopened packs, tickets, professional model bats and graded baseballs.

SMR Online covers all the major sports too. Baseball, basketball, football, hockey, golf, racing and even boxing prices are here! SMR Online also covers many of the most popular non-sports issues like 1940 Gum, Inc. Superman and 1962 Topps Mars Attacks. No other price guide covers such a wide range of collectibles, from vintage legends like Babe Ruth to modern stars like Derek Jeter. Prices are updated each week and important notes, including notable sales at auction, can be found throughout this vast resource.

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A Note About Sportscard Pricing.

* Editor's note: plus (+) beside a price indicates that the price has increased in the past month. A minus (-) beside the price indicates that price has decreased in the past month.

Real prices, accurate grading
Prices listed in the SMR Online are based on PSA-certified/graded collectibles. The clear benefit of having your items certified by PSA is because, generally speaking, items certified by PSA tend to sell for more - sometimes significantly more - than those that are not. Click here to read more about what PSA can do for you.

Find out what your cards are really worth
Every issue contains card prices based on established price histories. No subjective pricing surveys or price ranges of ungraded cards are ever included. This means that our prices more accurately reflect what you will realize when you sell or buy PSA graded sports cards. In addition, important notes about the collectibles are listed throughout the online reference, often at the bottom of each specific category. This includes notable sales at public auction.

Low Population Cards and "Commons"
Scarcity, within different grades, can impact the value of a card significantly. The prices listed in the SMR Online do not always reflect the potential premium associated with a particular "Low Pop" card. In particular, when viewing the general "commons" pricing, keep in mind that the price listed is an approximate value of a card with average population attributes. Expect to pay a premium for any card that may be a condition-rarity or low population card relative to the issue.

Sports Market Report
If you are interested in receiving the print version of the Sports Market Report delivered to your home on a monthly basis, click here for details.

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